MKS serves as a gentle advocate for emotional fitness and maintenance in our everyday life.
— Alice Faye Hamilton

MKS provides a variety of unique, inspirational and emotional fitness strategic life coaching services, mini spiritual retreats and well-being products.

My Kairos Season (MKS) exists to encourage and inspire positive, personal change through greater self-endearment, self-discovery and awareness of one’s emotional expressions and personal spiritual self.  

MKS provides partnership wisdom and understanding to help those who seek words of self-expression perfect for themselves. MKS offers assistance to adults and teens on how to understand, manage and take control of their emotions and emotional reactions to their life experiences, so they can move on.

All of MKS presentations offer various methods of emotional healing, self-endearment and self-discovery including our three signature messages of

  1. R E S T (Revive, Enjoy, Stay Focused & Trust)
  2. Practicing Forgiveness - which is the bridge to the soul. This one word, forgiveness, holds the secret that is the catalyst which leads to a more fulfilling and happier life. 
  3. Just Be and Do You - encourages you to trust that you were created exactly the way you were designed to be naturally.  When you entered this earth, you were marvelously made and uniquely created, designed specifically to be you and to evolve into a higher version of you.  Stop changing who you are for the people around you; let who you are draw the right people to you.

The writing, products, and coaching services offered were inspired and created by MKS founder’s personal cancer story and her life experiences of extreme pain, sadness and joy.  Kairos is a Greek word that refers to the time is now.


I was inspired to write this song for encouragement for myself and others in this amazingly beautiful and sometimes frightfully seemingly world. I believe we all can agree that life can be a challenge and during those times, we can personally benefit from a reminder that we are actually the winner in this game called Life.

This upbeat song reminds me of that fact and nudges me to become consciously aware and move forward with that knowledge: which is the favor of God is all over me. IF your are inspired to purchase this song, I invite you to do just that.

A little about me: I can recall being an inspirational writer since approximately 7 years of age. The words are generally impressed upon me from my higher spirit, whom I often refer to as Angel Al-cal. I have written songs, books, poems, plays and emotional healing presentations. I simply love the process of writing. It’s a form of therapy; it feels good to metaphorically bleed and get it out on paper. The end result is producing a source of encouragement and offering healing to myself and others.

One thing that may surprise you, I don’t enjoy performing or singing in public although I have sung in the church for 25+ years. I believe we all have messages to deliver to the Earth and we spend many years learning so we can realize what our messages are. Then we can share it with others.  And one of my life messages to the world is: “As you evolve in love for yourself, you grow in giving love to others, as well.”

Love and light,

As you evolve in love for yourself, 
you grow in giving
love to others as well.

I can help you with…
1) understanding and finding your spark
2)understanding your needs and wants
3) understanding what’s holding you back
4) understanding your top 6 human needs
— Alice Faye Hamilton