Alice Faye "Angel Al-cal" Hamilton

Alice Faye "Angel Al-cal" Hamilton


Alice Faye Hamilton, an Ovarian Cancer Stage 3C Survivor. She is an entrepreneur and the owner of My Kairos Season. She works as an Inspirational Emotional Fitness Strategic Life Coach, Retreat Facilitator, Writer, Author, Advocate for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Emotional and Mental Health Advocate. She is a self-proclaimed “Feel Good Junkie” and, above all, an Encourager.       

Her life’s purpose is to deliver inspirational words and messages of hope regarding emotional health, emotional prosperity, and emotional fitness. Her life's mission is to learn, live and lead from, her Higher Spiritual God-Conscious self.      

She is a wife who married her husband in 2010 after a two-year courtship on his mother’s 100th birthday. In her family, she is the oldest child and has three siblings.  She is a mother of one son, who is an outstanding father to her three amazing grandchildren. One of her many joyous moments came when she witnessed the birth of her first great-grandson in 2017.        

She is a retired senior executive officer with over 25 years of background and experience in nonprofit and corporate finance, office administration and systems management.  

The five words that best describe her are: Spiritual, Sensitive, Unique, Comical, and Charming.    

Some of her writings include: “Are You Addicted to Unhappiness?”, “Emotional Healing,” “Living Life with Enthusiasm,” “Honoring the Mother Spirit Within Each of Us,” “Awaking the Spirit of I am Daddy’s Little Girl Through Forgiving Daddy’s Faults,” and “Letting Go of the Spooks that Hold You Back in Life.”  

She also has written a stage play titled: “Why Do Women Meet and Fall in Love with Men in Prison? ”Having musical talent, she has written and recorded the following songs: “The Favor of God,” “Lord, Look Where You Brought Me From” and “The Me You See Now Won’t Be The Me You See Tomorrow.”