Let me begin by gratefully declaring, I AM an Ovarian Cancer Stage 3 Survivor.  I am an entrepreneur and the owner of My Kairos Season, an Inspirational Emotional Fitness Strategic Life Coach, a Retreat Facilitator, an Emotional & Mental Health Advocate and above all, an Encourager. 

My purpose is to:

  • deliver inspirational words and
  • messages of hope regarding
  • emotional health, emotional prosperity
  • and emotional fitness.

I absolutely adore Spiritual Aha moments… more than peanut butter and grilled chicken (2 of my favorites foods).  I also get a super-charged kick each day out of feeling and sharing the happy peaceful energy of others.   The ten words that best describe me are: Spiritual, Leader, Wise, Straightforward, Unique, Responsible, Compassionate, Comical, Sensitive and Charming.

I absolutely adore Spiritual Aha moments…
more than peanut butter and grilled chicken,
which are two of my favorite foods...
— Alice Faye Hamilton

I am a loving mother of one son, who is an outstanding father to my three awesome grandchildren. I reside in Texas with the love of my life.  We married after a two-year courtship, on his mother’s 100th birthday.  I am the oldest child in my family and I have three siblings.

Professionally, I am a seasoned senior executive officer, with over 20 years background and experience in nonprofit and corporate finance, office administration and systems management. 


I really do care about people who are hurting or struggling and have no judgement or any strings attached. I am a “feel-good junkie” – I love the way I feel emotionally when I help others feel emotionally well.


Yes, I am a dedicated advocate, promoting the importance of emotional and mental health – which is the ability to take good care of ourselves – body, mind, and spirit.  In addition, I am a messenger spreading the word that mental illness is a “brain disease” caused by a biological disorder which causes the brain not to function in the way it was created or intended to perform.

Mental illness is a disease and should be given the same research, resources, respect and consideration as any other medical condition and or disease.

My mantra is “As you evolve in love for yourself, you grow in giving love to others, as well."

On a unrelated note,
I am also a certified (2012) Zumba Instructor!.
This was one of my proudest accomplishments.
Go Zumba-licious Divas Fit and
Fabulous Ladies at Cedar Hill Rec!

— Alice Faye Hamilton