The lessons one can learn from having a "bad cold"

Thank you God, for the lessons that come through illness.  On Thursday, November 20, I was very aware of a cold entering my body, it was invading me, very slowly at first and by the 7th hour, I was feeling horrible.  Needless to say, I went to the doctor the next day, and was given a prescription of liquid medication to help me rest only. I was given no prescriptions for coughing, nasal/chest congestion, antibiotic or anything else.  I thought this interesting, because God has been dealing with me about the importance of REST for my body for the last 5 years! 

My doctor, Dr. Gonino says rest, prayer, listening to The Holy Spirit, Tylenol for the fever and Advil for the body aches are the most important things to do, well I took the doctors advise, and on day 5, I am feeling well enough to type this message.  In addition, I am feeling rather wise, thanks to listening to the voice of The Holy Spirit.  Did I say, I love my doctor, He's awesome; and he says, "Love heals."

After being diagnosed and going through the horrible cancer related medical treatment, I make a promise to myself, which is "the reminder of my life will not be live the same." Initially, I had the idea that I would be more of service to others, and etc, and for sure, I will do continue to do this. However, as of today, my first line of duty is pledged to me - to love me greater, teach other through my treatment of myself, what's acceptable and non acceptable treatment of towards me. 

I believe God allows illness and crisis to come into our lives to remind us of what we need, not to be confused with what we want. If you think about it, life is a series of crisis, so if we can change our thought about illness/crisis and see it as an opportunity to reveal what our spirit is in NEED of.  And, I am needing to receive and give whole hearted love, and it starts with loving me. As we know from the bible "perfect love has no fear."

After going through the symptoms of a very a very bad cold, I am more clear on what that looks like for me. Over the last few nights, I have spoken to God frequently about some of my inner thoughts about my life, His will and Plan for my life; and I realized that God wants me to love and be an expression of His love, as this is my friend the true, but hidden beauty of life.  We keep this gift away from us, because people are so afraid to truly love, whole heartily. We don't want to be hurt, its this gift of life, that we rarely experience. I have experienced glimpse of this type of love given from me, and received by me.

Let me share with you on a side note what's in my spirit, and that is "if you love whole heartily another person, they must return it or they will be removed from your life or for a period time, when they are ready to receive and return it."  Love demands equal and like minded attraction, I know this is deep, you can call me, and I will be happy to break it down.  

God wants me to continue to raise to bar of love for myself, as I can only love another as much as I love myself.  Which also mean, I can only receive the equal level love within me, from another.  So you can see, why continually learning to raise the bar of love for yourself.  Wow, I know, I thought to myself, God, help me to receive Your Words of Wisdom.  After thinking about, I said, "Lord, I have been doing this," I smile, because I could see the changes in others, in how they are expressing love to me. However, God is saying the bar MUST keep raising.


This is a true secret we keep from ourselves, however, if we receive this scripture, our life can change today. 
Scribe: Tell me, Teacher. What is the most important thing that God commands in the law?
Jesus: 29 The most important commandment is this:…"You should love the Eternal, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” The second great commandment is this: “Love others in the same way you love yourself.”

There are no commandments more important than these. Wow.
Can you receive this?  God please help me/us to receive these two simple commandments.
So today I declare, I will love God with all my heart (note not actions…), and I will no longer change the way I love, because of the actions others. I will love 100%. I will not fear love. I will love with all of me.  I realize my time her may not be much longer, and then again, I may have 50 years remaining, only God knows.  However, I will accept the love I offer, which is worthy, kind and respectful, honest love.  As that is the kind of love that I need, I am now clear on that.  My loves may say, "its not fair of you to expect all of me", but thats what I need, that's what I want.

You may think to yourself, Alice, this would be scary to tell my husband, son, daughter, mother, sister, friend, well its not. If you decide that you want to raise the bar in your life, and express love with your whole heart, as I am choosing to do, just ask God to help you.  I did, and God did too; God may have tell others or simple keep it to yourself and proceed with true Godly love. 

There is a natural and pure high of love that I am feeling now, its like love and gold dust in MY air, l spoke with my son, and texted with my son, I spoke with my sister and read a text from my sister. I shared words of love, forgiveness of pass sins with my husband, and he shared with me, he said, he would return what I was offering/creating for myself. I realized after speaking with him, its my truth that determines the outcome of my life, and its not my personal business what his truths are.   And I felt so free, like a firecracker type love in the air, its wonder to love with your whole heart!