Thank you, and yes, I am paying it forward - 2015 hear I come!

This month has been filled with so many wonderful gifts from God, and delivered by His people.  I have experienced family love and appreciation at such beautiful and personal levels. Seriously, my family is so special and so very kind.  I am so blessed to be a member of my family.  I experienced amazing conversations with friends and family; I received wisdom, knowledge and advice that I would actually pay for, as you know, which is the best kind.  I experienced family, friends, and STRANGERS without prior knowledge give me various gifts, just because or The Holy Spirited directed them to do so. I have been blessed by two community organizations with assistance.  

I am so ready to play it forward, I am so excited about love through actions and prayer that I plan to give other people, community organizations and the cancer community.  My prayer is, Lord guide me down the right paths to fulfill your purpose, and be with me as I pay it forward!