My son has made my day… thank you God, thank you cancer

I was on the phone with my son this morning, and there were several moments that went by when no words had been spoken between us; I said to him, "Kejuan, due to chemo, there are some moments that I have no energy to initiate a conversation topic." And he said, "Mom you don't have too talk to me, just hearing you breath is a blessing." Tears of joy immediately rolled down my face; never in any moment of our life as Mother and Son had I felt so purely and unconditionally loved.  This was the moment of a lifetime; this was the moment of a dream come true. This was the moment every Mother dreams of receiving from their beloved child.  I can best describe the feeling as, what I believe it feels like, when a newly born baby cry's out for their mother, and she comes.

Oh my God, how wonderful and thankful I am to be the mother of this very special man, this very special Spirit of God. Thank you God. Thank you Cancer.  Alice Faye Hamilton