My husband is one of many great Black Men

Many people are uneducated about the great-truth of many Black men, which is the great husbands, fathers, leaders, providers, protectors, business men, employees, dependable, stable, homeowners, and the list could go on.  I know this first hand because my husband, son, my 2 brothers, uncles, cousins, good friends, and others I know are great men who was chose by God to be Black. I salute you all!

While laying down having preparing for chemo to be administer; I noticed a handsome Black man sitting at the end if my bed, he had rescheduled his business plans to be at chemo with his wife (how sweet). How thankful I am that I am the wife.

Thanks God for the really great man that you allowed to find me, for he is blessed and highly favored.  I am indeed blessed! Thanks God for allowing me to see You in him through Godly eyes while laying in a chemo being administered bed. 


Tim is enjoying reading the paper, a Black that loves reading.