Bored…. What day is it? Monday, Thursday or Saturday?

I must be healed and my mind is being  renewed by God, because the word "bored" has re-surfed into my vocabulary.  Being bored is something I felt frequently as a child; just ask my mom. Smiling.

I used the word bored often, usually right before going outside in the back yard to play like (pretend) I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, singing songs and skipping down the yellow brick road, using my imagination. As I got older (6-10ish), there was a boyfriend (Michael Jackson) skipping with me on that yellow brick road. Hum, maybe that's why I married my husband Tim, he's from Kansas. 

When I think of a person being bored, I believe that's a healthy person in body, that temporally have a "good brain cell freeze," and they can't come up with a thought, or task that stimulates their mind to create an emotionally nurturing or productive task they want and or can do. 

This is great for me, who knew, certainly not I, that being bored is a positive expression of being on life's road of recovery.  Look out world, the "I AM" of me is back, my body, my mind, emotions and my soul is back and with God's leading, we are in the midst of creating something grand and productive to do.  

Thank you Lord, You are here, and I am too!