Medication Side Effects - No More Medication!



I speak: No More Medicine!

I speak: I matter, what I think matter!


I speak: What my body speak to me matters!


I am so thankful that I know my God heals; for HE is the Cure!


Just sharing this blog of information with my family and friends to provide education on some of the many "side effects" of the professionally prescribed medications/IV Injections needed for remission, healing, recovery and etc. (note the missing word cure) as a result of this horrible disease.

I am so thankful that I have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, who HEALS with no sickly side effects.  Thank you Jesus!

I was recently asked to provide documentation of the current medications that has been given to me and/or prescribed to me as a result of my Ovarian Cancer Journey; well, her is the current list as of today:


Q…   Nausea, lightheadedness

N…   Drowsiness

E…    Dry mouth, trouble sleeping, decreased sexual desire

D…    Nervousness, increased appetite, bone pain and weight gain

K…    Constipation and dry mouth

P…    Dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness

S…    Low energy, feeling week

H…    Drowsiness, lightheadedness and nausea

T…    Drowsiness, dry mouth and weakness

L…    Constipation and stomach pain

Z…    Light headedness, dizziness and drowsiness

P…    Extremely sleepy

D…    Nervousness, increased appetite, bone pain and weight gain

N…    Severe bone and muscle pain

Al…   Headache, constipation and tired feeling

E…    (IV injection)    Tiredness, loss energy, loss of hair and hiccups

Z…    (IV injection)    Headache

B…    (lV injection)    Drowsiness and weakness

Te… (chemo IV injection):  Swelling of the stomach area, weight gain, nausea, fluid retention, warm sensation, hiccups, lightheadedness, selling of the stomach area, pale skin, constipation, extreme tiredness/weakness, hair loss, nail changes, numbness, decreased sexual desire, tingling and burning sensation in the feet, dryness and swelling on skin where the medication injected

Tx… (chemo IV injection):   Pain, weakness, stomach pain, hair loss, numbness, burning or tingling in feet, decreased sexual desire, excessive tiredness, constipation, nausea, darkening of skin, muscle and joint pain


C… (lV injection)    Nausea, taste changes, extreme salty taste in food and water, metallic taste of foods, sensation of pins and needles or numbness 

in hands and/or feet caused by irritation of nerves, tiredness (fatigue) and hair loss