Chemo Treatment - Rescheduled - Week 7

NO CHEMO :-)  

On Wednesday, June 18th, I was scheduled for my 5th injection (week 7); however, I did not receive it.  I asked God for a miracle that day, and He answered my prayer.

Yeah! Party over here! Party over there!
To say that I was happy that the chemo treatment was rescheduled would be an understatement.

I felt the joy, an inmate on death row (in my mind) would experience, if she/he was scheduled for execution, and the Prison Warden ran out and told the Death Injection Administrator, STOP! We are going to postpone this death until next week; which means, you have one more week to live.

I would imagine, the knowing of one more week to live can be a beautiful gift, when you are not quite ready to die.

It was rescheduled for next Wednesday, June 25, due to my white blood count being to low.  Thank you God for this "Party of Happiness Feeling Experience" for this no chemo day. Who knew, I had this fantastic "Party Spirit" that could act out so joyously within me. Hey, I welcome this joy into my life.  Again, thank you God for this experience and the upcoming VERY SOON NO MORE CHEMO NOTIFICATION…