Could the bottom be the top? Trusting God…

Today, Sunday, June 22, 2014: Brother Joel Osteen said on this television broadcast, “this situation (fill in the blank)  is not the end of your story…" My heart warmed, because God had assured my spirit the night before of the same. And that my current life experiences is the beginning of a great epic.

 Late Yesterday evening, I battled with self-pity that should up in my thoughts: sickness, no job, a no income and the dependency upon another person or other people. Of which, these experiences feels has unpleasant as I had imagined they would, especially dependency – it down right sucks!!! 

Briefly, I thought to myself:

  • "God, how low must I go?"
  • “God, seriously, was I the sower of such horrible seeds?”
  • "God, you have placed me just where you want me, you are my only hope.”
  •  And then, I started reminding God of my “giving of so much of my life, time and money to help others;” clearly, He didn’t know, otherwise, I would be reaping a different harvest. (Smiling)

While taking a walk alone, praying to God last night around 8:00PM, I realized what I thought was my bottom, was really my top, because I am living in the conscious awareness that I am God’s responsibility now, and not my own.  And just like the Birds and many other animals, that don’t know where their next … is coming; I too have the assurance of God’s Word that my help and needs will be met, as they are coming from the Lord.   Thank you God; I love you!