Chemo Treatment Day 5 - Week 8


June 25, 2014:

This is my 5th chemo IV injection treatment day and week 8 into this chemo journey. I have 2 weeks on, and 1 week off; one of my scheduled chemo dates was postponed due to my white blood count was too low, otherwise this would have been week 7.  

I am so thankful for my husband Tim's faithfulness to be present and supportive during these treatments, which are not easy to witness for the people who love us.

It was a good day, as God was with me, I felt the presence of God and the prayers of friends and family,  there were no complications at all with the chemo treatment, all steps were implemented as procedure dictates it should. The nurses were kind and helpful as usual, answering questions with patience and a smile at all times.  

Although, it was a good day in Spirit, whenever I receive chemo, there is a darkness or the feeling of there is something going into your body to hurt you. So, I find myself fighting a good fight, by keeping my mind on God's words such as  "no weapon formed against me will hurt me" and many others.  

Some of the most enjoyable chemo injection moments comes from talking with other cancer patients about your experiences, lessons, sharing of cancer related health improvement products, and most enjoyable is sharing God's words of encouragement.    

I met two really special spiritual ladies today, a mother and her daughter-n-law; they were so kind and royal. The mother was receiving first chemo IV injection; she was amazingly at peace and trusting God.  It was great sharing space with the two of them as their energy was filled with peace and calm contentment.  

Heavenly Father, I ask and give thanks that you bless my awesome family and friends that have been a steady-rock for me during this season. I love you God and I trust YOU with the healing on my body.