Spiritual Conversation with My Chemo Nurse

Spiritual Conversation with My Chemo Nurse

This amazing conversation started when my Chemo Nurse said to me, in response to a question I asked, she does not watch TV, because she rather do outside activities and spend time alone. She had been that way since a child growing up on a farm, where neighbors did not live close. One of the many questions I asked "What do you with all of that non-television watching time?"  She answered my questions. The conversation lead me too an extremely VISUAL thought, on how to view my Spiritual-Self (with God Power); which is:

 "My BODY lives within My Spirit." 

In the past, I visualized God dwelling in by body, through my body, around my body however, my visual DID NOT include God as the Commander; even though, I often said the Spirt of God fills and surrounds me.  I had not realized in my prior vision the Order of Command in that visual. Now, I ponder the power of that awesome awareness now. Could I have unconsciously given the God's power to my body (emotions)?  We are Spirit, Body & Soul, and the Spirit is the Official (God is the assigned Commander of the Body and Emotions). 

If you can visualize your Spirit as this big full circle of Energy, now step your Body into the Circle. This reveals the official order of command.  The Spirit commands the Body and Soul. Wow! I believe this changes how you see God and equally important, how you see yourself. 

The right/left, ying/yang, of this, is we may live life in a state of FALSE-BELIFE that the body and emotions are commanders in our lives. Thereby living a life were we are unaware that our Spiritual Self tells our Body & Soul what to do, and NOT the other way. 

However, we often ? Read on…  Or imagine on, if you will.  

Spirit (we are Created in God's Image) and our bodies LIVE WITHIN our Spirit. So that means our soul (emotions) lives within our Spirit too. Wow! Wow!  

The right/left, ying/yang and good/bad of this is we maybe allowing ourself to live life in a state of FALSE-BELIFE/UNAWARENESS; living life in a manner that's NOT for our high-good. We may be living our lives were Our Body and or Our Emotions are literally (through thought) The Commanders in our lives, instead of God. 

Hopefully,I have given You, something to think about as well. 

Thank you God!  Thank you Nurse K. Thank you Pastor Byron, I finally got the Big Picture!