My visit with Dr. Munoz - 06/05/14

On my previous post I stated below:

May I speak with the Doctor Please:
I requested to meet with my doctor regarding a chemo treatments change;  I have prayed and will hear God's answers through is voice and both our voice will be change to line up with the Will of God were needed.  As I and the doctor work as a team, but the Holy Spirit is our Commander.  

The outcome:

The meeting went very well, Dr. Munoz explained his recommendations very clearly, and he listened to me express the voice of my body's concerns regarding chemo treatments, the white blood count proactive shot and reducing the chemo medications; and we came up with a couple new plans, based upon now and upcoming test results.  I felt that the Holy Spirit was leading us; I felt God's presence there.  I also felt really great for honoring me, my body voice and my thoughts whispers to what's best for me.  It's a voice that's should be heard and acknowledged; as the Spirit of God, doctor, nurses and I are team working as such.   Thank you God for the gift of honoring me, even within this many times uncertain storm.