My Inner Circle of "into-me-see" Friends

Today is a good day, I woke up to sounds of rain, thunder & lightening; I felt physically well, and super yeah, I was without nausea! I felt a Spirt of Grateful Thankfulness fell upon me, I thought to myself, thank you God, and I then breathed in the Breath of God and let out everything that was't of God.

Shortly afterwards, I thought about my current inner circle of friends, the people who I share very important moments and personal high's and low life experiences.  The people who I share my Spiritual Lessons/Teachings with; the people who see-into-me, the one's that get me or the parts of me, they have been introduced too.  

All of the friends acknowledged in this blog has reminded me, on many occasions, God's Creative Power Lives Within Me, and I Live Within that Creative Power (God) too!  They all are truly gifts from God. 

Minus my mother and sister, I have known these individual 13 − 30+ years.  They are:

  • Anita (my sister)  - we speak on average daily
  • Beverly J. - we speak 6-9 times yearly average
  • Daphne H. - we speak 3-4 times monthly average
  • Ira H. - we speak 3-4 times yearly average
  • Linda D.  - we speak 3-4 times monthly average
  • Mary H. - we speak 3-4 times monthly average
  • Paul R. - we speak 4-5 times on average a week
  • Pauline (my mama)  - we speak on average daily
  • Tamara V.  - we speak 3-4 times monthly average

I must add my son to this section, he has been one of my friends and greatest teachers; he has placed many mirrors in my face; and far too many times I wasn't pleased with the person looking back at me.  Prior to this cancer journey, I don't think I could have received the awareness, our children are our greatest teacher's and thereby our spiritual friends; maybe, they were our best of friends in another life, if such exist. 

Also, I must acknowledge Margie Wright, she has blessed my life since the first moment I met her; offering me professional support, spiritual guidance and kindness.  Shalunda J., she is my sister's best friend, and I consider her my spiritual little sister, she is a jewel, and my life is blessed as a result of knowing her.  

I acknowledge Venita H., I have known her the least number of years (approx. 5 years), she has been a God-sent inspirational gift to my life;  she has blessed, educated and been a major source of information for my spiritual growth, from months after I first met her, until to date; I love her and thank God for the gift of her sharing her Spiritual Knowledge and Awareness.

Last but not least, my friend Carolyn E., I have know her for over 30 years; her children are my son's cousins; we shared the years of older teens thru young 30's on a daily basis. She has mirrored courage to me in countless ways; Carolyn, taught me lessons on how to honor my inner wild child and sexy lady; she will always be one of my dearest and most cherished friends.

Thank you God for such an awesome group of friends, and bless them greatly; I love them and desire your best for each of them. Love and Bright Lights,