The Amazing Story from the Chipped Front Tooth

The good news is an amazing testimony was created as a result of this experience; God blessed me greatly today, Tuesday, July 1st, which happens to be the day of my deceased father's birthday.  My sister and mother prayed…, I followed the voice of direction of the Holy Spirit, my husband drove me to dentist, the dentist was directed by the voice of God and he listened.   My tooth was repaired and restored to its original beauty (smiling).

On Saturday, June 28, my front right tooth chipped (1/5 of tooth) at the top near my gum.  I thought to myself, “God whyyyyyyyyyyy?”  I quickly took control of thoughts and consciously decided not to scream out loud, cry and or have a pity party.  And then, I thought to myself, “is this a chemo side effect?” So, I went to my computer and started my search, and yes, I was correct, these drugs kill cancer cells, but they may also harm normal cells, including cells in the mouth. Side effects include problems with your teeth and gums; the soft, moist lining of your mouth; and the glands that make saliva (spit).  


Yesterday, Monday, June 30th, while praying with my mother and sister, I overheard my sister pray “God bless my sister to get her teeth repaired for free or at a low cost.” God started my inner clock ticking and directed me on several paths that lead me to my new repaired smile.  And, God answered my sister's prayer. OMG, how mighty is MY Savior!

Dr. Alan S. Martin, D.D.S. was the person God used to be my dental angel today; he was my past dentist, he sold his practice back in 2008, and I had not seen him since then.  So too see him today, was such a gift; he was then, and continues to the best dentist ever. We hugged each other with joy from seeing each other again.  As often in the past years, today, we had a beautiful conversation about our recent (me cancer, him life altering auto accident) life’s lessons. He reminded me of how I would always be on the cell phone talking (I was the CFO) to the staff at the MHA office, while sitting in his dental chair.  
He said, he remembered the first time he met me, while in his chair, I was sitting and I received, what seemed liked 20 calls. Dr. Martin said, he felt so sorry for me, he thought to himself and spoke to God, she is so stressed out.  I told him, "wow, I needed to be reminded of that, and that I wasn't quite sure why, but I know it will be revealed to me."  

To conclude my testimony, Dr. Martin responded to the voice of God, repaired my tooth at no cost to me.  I am so amazed and appreciated at how wonderful God is to me.  Thank you Dr. Martin, Thank you Anita and Mom, and thank you God!

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