Taking Control of Your Body - a message from the Holy Spirit

July 2, 2014

Good morning Holy Spirit, 

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"To know your body, to understand your body, to experience your body in its fullest: love it, care for it, listen to it, as it will tell you what is true." Neale Walsh

I was lead to share the following notes of a particular chapter from the book "Communion with God"; and the chapter title is "Taking Control of Your Body" by the Holy Spirit.  I know it's a very special message for me; however I offer it as inspiration to you as well.  

In the words of TD Jakes, "Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!"  

Here we go…

  • Healh is an announcement of agreement between your body, mind and spirit. When you are not healthy, look to see which parts of you disagree. Prehaps it is time for you to rest your body, but your mind does not know  (help me here, Lord). Prehaps your mind is swelling on negative, angry thoughts, or worries about tomorrow, and your body cannot relax. Your body will demonstrate the truth to you.  Simply watch it.  Notice what it is showing you, listen to what it is saying.

  • Your communion with God, your meeting with creator within, begins with knowing your physical body, understanding your physical body, honoring your physical body, and using yours physical today as a vehicle that is meant to serve you.

  • In order to do this, you must first understand that you are not your physical body. You are that which controls your body, lives with your body, and act in the physical world through your body. But you are not the body itself. If you imagine that you are your body, you will experience life as as expression of the body.  When you understand that you are your soul, then you will experience Life as an expression of the soul.  

  • When you acknowledge that your soul and God are one, then you will experience Life as an expression of the One Spirit.

  • Keep it in good shape. It is the most important physical too that you have. It is the most important physical tool that you have. You can subject it to untold abuse, and it will continue to serve you as best it can.  But why reduce its effectiveness? Why abuse its systems?  

  • Exercise is the medication of the body; movement of the body will bring you a natural high.

  • So it will be no surprise that exercising the body is suggested. And a diet that serves your intention, as well.  You will know exactly that dirt is, and even as you approach various foods, if you listen to your body, you will know instantly whether it serves you to ingest them. You can come to this knowing by simply moving your hand slowly over the food.  Your body will know at once all you need to about whether that food is in harmony with your innermost intentions for the body and the soul.  You will be able to pick up the vibration.

  • You do not need to read a diet books, you do not need to take courses, you do not need to seek outside counsel or advice.  You simply need to listen to your own body and then follow its advice.

Again, thank you Holy Spirit for the great message and reminder; I love you!

"Communion with God"
Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God 


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