Family… Food… Storefront Kitchen...

Wow! I am so thankful for my entire family; they have been such an awesome blessing in countless ways.  I can't blog enough to express the daily and hourly blessings they send my way.  

            Paul Christopher

            Paul Christopher

One of the many amazing and smiling ways they express love to me is through food.  In particular, throughout this season of cancer treatments and etc., my mother, sister and little brother Paul Christopher has blessed me with so much really good foods on a weekly basis; I can truly say, my cupboards runs over.  God promised that the children of the righteous would never go hungry; I am a living testimony of that promise, OMG, you are indeed my source. 

As we age, it’s interesting what you remember: my mother is the queen of having an abundance of food in the home.  Sadly and with smiling warm joy, I remember when I was in my 20's and partial 30's, when I would have a money crunch, which was often the case.  I would go to my mom’s kitchen storefront (her home), shop for groceries, cleaning products and yes toiletries.  It’s funny how my grocery shopping was a source of conversations between my dad and my mom, that I enjoyed mostly, because it made them feel good to help me. (Smiling, in my mind).

Once my youngest brother, Paul Christopher, he was approximately 11 or 12 at the time, decided to have an opinion (LOL), of which, I overheard him say to my mother, “why is she always coming over here getting our food?”  Go figure, but I remember my brother’s comments generating anger and embarrassment from me. As a result, I ceased going there to shop for several weeks, maybe 1 month, before returning to my good financially sound decision.  

It warms my heart today, and I am so grateful that my little brother has blessed me, his big sister with the expression of love through the beautiful gift of food.  He too inherited his mother's gift…

Today, with my badge of "thanks" still on, I am happy to report that at 51 years old, I still have the option and frequently accept the gift of shopping at my mom’s kitchen storefront, as it’s a store built on the foundation of love.

Thanks mom and thanks to all, it's such a blessing, knowing you got my back; I mean my stomach! LOL.  

Thanks Holy Spirit.

     Mama's Storefront Kitchen

     Mama's Storefront Kitchen

"The beauty of faith-filled people encompasses me.
They are true, and my heart is thrilled beyond measure."
Psalm 16:3 The Voice