Dog Scare | God Cares | The Truck that Save my Life

Just for laugh, I share this story…

While walking on the morning of Thursday, July 3rd, I noticed 2 huge dogs walking towards me.  And those who know of my fear of dogs, of course, know that I became fearful.  I expressed that fear by jumping on the truck (see photo) to save my life from the scary dogs, who's goal was to attack me (in my mind.  Smiling.  However, I was so thankful that God cares and loves me so much that he placed a safe truck just for me to jump up on. (Smiling)

Immediately, after jumping on the truck, I noticed a man watching in a paused car in the middle of the street; we caught each others eyes if to say, "are you okay," and my eyes said, "I am fine", we smiled and he drove off. 

After jumping on the truck, I called my husband, Tim to come rescue  me; but, he didn't answer his cell phone wasn't turned on. So again, I called on God; and the dogs went pass me on down the road.  I prayed and asked God to bless the home and family of the truck owner. Afterward, I got off the truck and finished my walk back home.  

Thanks for protecting me on my walk from the very big scary dogs; I love and appreciate you.



                            The truck that saved my life!

                            The truck that saved my life!