Celebrating... Happy July 4th!

July 4, 2014:

This years celebrating of the July 4th Holiday was very particular special too me. As a result of the cancer diagnosis, I am more aware of the gift of life, family, friends, health and the very important role spirituality in our daily life, just to name a few.

I can admit, in the past, I have taking far too much for granted; but now, I stand at attention, July 4, 2014, I am thankful for:

•    Family, Friends and Enemies 
•    Life-lessons learned/observations as a result of the ovarian cancer diagnosis 
•    My son grilling our barbecue and all that involves that process
•    My husband going to the grocery store for me
•    Hugging my grandson and eating a meal with them both
•    My daughter-n-law cooking baked beans with ground meat and making a salad
•    My granddaughter wasn’t able to eat with us because she had to work
•    My friend Linda D. sending me a love gift and my stay-at-home tea party 
•    My July 4th earthly angel, Tamera V
•    A special girl-talk with my soul sister from another earthly life, Mary H
•    Hope * Faith * Belief in God regarding the good future of my family & me
•    Professionals business people working on my behalf
•    Frequent phone calls from family and friends that are concerned…

I could go on, but I will stop here, I am thankful for much.