The Unplanned Money Hunt!

I was leaving home on my way out for an early morning walk this morning and I noticed a five dollar bill laying in the grass. 

I stopped to take a picture of it, you would have thought it was a $100 bill, because I was so excited. To me it was a friendly reminder that God was with me and He cares about that which concerns me. 

And after walking a few more steps, I noticed 2 quarter laying in the grass and I thought wow, there's something special about this day.  

I completed my walk and hunt... Although, I didn't find more money on my walk, I was thrilled and completely enjoyed walking with the spirit of expectation. P

I smiled and quietly thought to myself, this is going to be an unplanned joyous rest in the peace of God kind of day. 


The 50 cent represent 50 "Thank you Jesus" for answering prayers...