Sweet Key-Lime Creamy Pie



Who knew that this little cutie would grow up into a beautiful woman and make me my very own sweet delicious key-lime creamy pie.  The pie tasted almost as good as the smile on Tori's cute face. 

What a wonderful day, when I received a phone call from my brother, Paul to inform me that He and Tori was on there way over to bring me a pie. Yeah!  

A few weeks ago, my brother had prepared a barbecue meal for the family of which there were no pie prepared by Tori. Sadly, I informed her of my disappointment, and how much I was looking forward to eating her tasty pie. As this was my first family outing since my  surgery in March; well with the delivery of this pie she turned my frown into a big all teeth showing smile.  Thanks Tori, you are the greatest and I love you!