Tidbits from cancer experience lessons…

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Life is a playground; dancing, watermelon and ice cream makes things better.

A promise is values to me, if its existence is unknown to me, or if I don’t believe it’s applicable for me.  [For example, we had a 3 hour power outage in the neighborhood, I thought I had only 4 candles in my home; but I discovered today, I had an entire gift unknown bag in the closet.  They were a gift from my mother from over a year ago.  [Just like God's promises, we have everything we need, but often times do not realize they are so close to us, they are in our possession]

I trust God with my life; I trust God with my death.

Don’t run from fear, face it; whatever it is, make a decision about your actions, and then let it go.

I should stop moving and take a nap/rest break at my first awareness of my emotions or body is in need of rest/feel tired and stop pushing pass tired.

Hurt or disappointment allowed/caused by others may alter or take completely away my ability to create my best thoughts and visual dreams for the two of us.  In addition, I may no loner longer feel safe to share my personal feelings and express my sincere emotions to that individual.

Think about others, what you want thought about you.

Negative thoughts are poison to my mind and body.

I choose not to give control of my life to a system (or people) I don’t trust, that’s builds on
fear and profit.

My reaction to what another says is what matters; it doesn’t matter what another say.

I have grown to a higher level of letting go and trusting God.

I have learned that everything that happens to me…, I win and everything is going to be okay.