Healing Visits @ Gonino Healing Center - August 18 & 21

My medical visits at Gonino Center for Healing was amazing; however, on Monday, I was scheduled for an IV treatment, but it was rescheduled due to my blood pressure being too high.

I began my six-weeks Chiropractic Treatment Plan (Phase 1; on Monday and Thursday, I had chiropractic adjustments related to lower back centered pain; I felt better immediately afterwards.  I also had a session on the Lymphatic Exerciser, this was different, very nice, I felt like a Hawaiian Hola Dancer for 15 minutes.  

On Thursday, I had experienced my very first AMAZING healing lymphatic detoxification and magnesium oil massage therapy; everyone should experience this type of relaxation and Godly healing on a weekly, if not daily basis. In fact, it was like visiting heaven, and I jokingly told the therapist, I was in love with her, she had gifted fingers.

Thank you God!