PaPa & Big Mama said "Never Say Never…"

As a child, I would hear the older people say, "Never Say Never" because, "if you live long enough, a very emotional outward expression of the 'trueness' of those words will become very alive in your personal experience. And you may learn, life is not always as simple as you thought. 

Sometimes in life, the answer/response you believed you would give or the action you thought you would take, you do not. When that experience comes, you choose not too do, accept what you once thought as truth for you, is no longer. You may have an emotional reaction to your unexpected behavior. And sometimes you may thank God for stopping you from responding hurtfully to yourself or another, as life is not always fair. 

My experience with ovarian cancer has been instrumental by teaching me many life lesson, including with my new attitudes. Its taught me that I can easily choose to continue love, respect and acknowledge the good deeds in people that has hurt or disappointed me; while strongly disliking or hating their actions, sins and etc.  And very importantly, I can easily choose to give their good actions more weight in my heart, than their hurtful or disappointing deeds. Please understand, there will be consequences for all actions, yes we are forgiven by God and we forgive and are forgiven by others; however,  there is a reaping and sowing universal law.  As well as human (even after forgiveness) responses, sadly, the cost of bruised emotions and feelings, may results in somethings even more valuable and priceless lost…   

It has taught me to forgive others quicker, because God doesn't hesitate forgiving me, of my many messes, hurtful to others actions and sins.  This is important, because not to forgive hurts you more (literally emotional & physical). It most definitely does not mean, allowing repeat behavior or staying in an undesired or unhealthy situation, those answers require prayer.  

I recently experienced, Me, Mrs. Full of Suggestions, where I had no advance recommendations (on how to fix a current problem) to give God.  I was/am completely dependent upon the Guidance of The Holy Spirit.  My initial prayer to God  was "help me, guide me, help me make the best decision."  

God is a good God; and I am a good person.
-angel al-cal-

I woke up at 2:00AM, and I was drawn to TD Jakes Sermon, "Blessed In A Mess" and his statement that sometimes your provision is in the mess, and you going to reap whatever you sew.  This is true for me, as God as always blessed me in a mess, what seems my entire life.  Also, TD Jakes said, "if you are going to leave situations because you are a quitter, you will never be happy."  I thought, wow, "is this message for me?" I have left nearly all situations that were a mess to me, and yesterday, I found myself in another situation, were I am seeking direction and leaving is my routine forefront choice, generally based upon on emotions.  

In addition, TD Jakes said, "if you are going to leave something, based upon your emotions, its unfair and or you are unhappy,  you will be a quitter the rest of your life."  Sometimes, you have to stay and say to the devil, we ain't going nowhere… further, are going to stay until God's purpose…  

As per TD Jakes, "sometime you can run away from the mess, and miss the blessing and sometimes you cut off your noise to spite your face."

Help me Lord to make decisions for my life, based upon Your Perfect Will.  Thanks in advance.  Amen!