Happy Birthday – Playing it Forward Blessing Lessons from Me, a Cancer Survivor

Happy Birthday – Playing it Forward Blessing Lessons from Me, a Cancer Survivor


The last 7 months of this year has been filled with many awe-inspiring physical and emotional challenges. I have struggled with the emotional changes as a result of being diagnosed with cancer, a nearly 7 hour surgery, 7 days hospital stay, months of 7 consecutive hours days of chemo treatment, a fatigued and painful body, a rainbow of medications, hair loss, and the letting go of “self-independence”. But thanks to God, the chemo has ended, and my new joyous healthy rebuilding has begun. Currently, I am building a healthy immunize system with the help of the Dr Gonino's Wellness Healing Center (http://www.goninowellness.com) and the leading of The Holy Spirit.

Very sadly, as you might imagine it would be, being diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer in February 2014 was initially frighten; although unknowingly, the cancer was living aggressively within my body since 2013, which lead me directly to the front door of unwanted life choices.  I realized instantly that my death may be much sooner than later.  Little did I know, the actual healing - of the many processes of cancer, would lead me to the awesome awareness and growth of my greatest intimate love relationship ever, with My Lord and Savior.  In addition, I have raised the bar high of love for myself as well as others; and removed some very deep-rooted emotional baggage of unconscious un-forgiveness towards myself and other people.

I am so thankful and grateful to God, My Lord and Savior, my immediate family, my inner circle friends, medical staff, new acquaintances I met on this journey, the Obama Care (HCA) healthcare purchase at HA Insurance (http://haainsurance.com), the importance of affirmations from My Season (http://mykairosseason.com), introduction to the Zeal for Life Drink (https://mykairosseason.zealforlife) referred to me by Mrs. Patton and the opportunity to briefly share with you on my 52nd birthday that – I am a Cancer Survivor!

And to the reader of this message, I share 7 of my many cancer infused lessons learned over the last 7 months. I pray they will bless you as they have me.

1. Stress (unmanaged/unaware) is a deadly addiction that can serve as an intimate helpmate to the ultimate ‘cause’ of a graveyard death. 

2. Routinely resting my mind, forgiveness of myself and others and exercising my body is the cemented road to a healthy life style. Letting The Promises of God fight my every battle leads me to an assured joyous victory.

3. Be open to others opinion especially when they are not in agreement with yours; you may learn something.  Be watchful of other peoples choices, actions and outcomes, but not, judgmental of them. When given (not aggressively taken) an opportunity to offer your opinion, share it, because others may be seeking a different or higher choice. 

4. My fears as well as the people (who serve as villain) in my life experiences can’t hurt me, unless I choose “me-centered” hurtful, angry, shameful, pity or victim related thoughts - about their words and or actions involving me.

5. Other People invest very little deep thought and personal time in their actions to hurt me.  The truth is I am just a sidebar on their way to their chosen end; it’s never about me, but a mirrored reflection of what’s going on within their own life.

6. Perfection, Peace and Purpose is found in the processes of life; I have to just pay attention to my conscious thoughts, and ask God for truth regarding my unconscious thoughts, because the voices and sounds within reveal through my life.

7. Last, for most importantly, I realized that God is indeed Trustworthy to take good care of me.  And His Promises are true, powerful, operative, healing, positive, energizing and truly sharper than any two edged sword; and only God can reveal the very thoughts and purpose of each our hearts. Based upon Hebrew 4:12