breathe in, breathe out

  • This breathing exercise connects you with your Higher Spiritual 

  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe in and breathe out (through nose).
  • Breathe in the breath of God, breathe out the energies that do not serve you.
    (Do 3 times; Lift hands up as you breathe in and bring hands down as you breathe out.)
  • Breathe in the Holy Magnetic Spirits of Prosperity and Favor,
    Breathe out the Distraction Spirits of Poverty and Lack.
    Breathe in - Realize The Presence of God
    Breathe in - Realize The Knowing of God
    Breathe in - Realize The Power of God (as there is only one power)
    Breathe in - Realize Your Connection to God
  • Affirm: I let go of all that stands in the way of God’s highest good for me. There is nothing worth holding on to ANY LONGER that keeps my peace at arms length. I am now fully committed to the experience of peace, prosperity, happiness, harmony, unity and living my true-self, which can only be done while concsiously connected to the Presence of Father God within.  (Place both hands over heart while speaking the affirmation.)
  • Say: Shula Shula Shula Shula Jae (while repeating Shula..., use your imagination to pull negativity off and away from you, your energy field.)
  • I am now consciously connected to God's Presence. Yes. Yes. Amen
  • Drink a "Spiritual" glass or bottle of water (imagine it's the Holy Spirit following through you)

    Note: The breath of God is the Holy Spirit

Shula Shula Shula Shula Jae,
which means,

Help me Lord;
Help me Lord today,
Help me find my way
Help me Lord;
Show me the way,
Help me Lord;
Lead me in the right way...
— Alice Faye Hamilton
God's promises can be found everywhere; my role is to look for them everywhere...

God's promises can be found everywhere; my role is to look for them everywhere...