The Living With Enthusiasm By Becoming a “Feel Good Junkie” mini retreat presents a way to live daily with an overall feeling of good and enthusiasm.  You will learn to

  •  significantly increase the amount of joy you experience and reduce personal rush, fuss, and stress from your daily life,
  • have a sincere desire and focus to maintain that feeling of “good” about life, and
  • experience a more joy-filled and energetic life so that it becomes one of your top day-to-day priorities.  
Becoming a “Feel Good Junkie” gives you a reason to let go of the drama in your life.
— Alice Faye Hamilton

More importantly, Living Life As A “Feel Good Junkie” will reminds you it is critical to your overall health to make time every day to choose optimism, to connect with your spiritual authority, to forgive yourself and others, and to rest your mind and body. You’ll learn about the scientific research on and the healing powers of smiling, laughter, positive thinking, spirituality and rest. Additionally, you will receive unique methods and tips on how to create more enthusiasm and empowering questions to enhance your self-discovery.

In addition, as the keynote speaker and the founder of MKS, Alice Faye Hamilton will share her personal Ovarian Cancer Stage III experience, titled “The Pearls of Cancer, A Precious Thing; the Finest Example of Somethings”.  She is the former Chief Financial Officer for several multimillion-dollar nonprofits, and a cancer survivor.  It is her hope that her story will empower, provide clarity, and encourage those impacted by cancer.


All of MKS presentations offer various methods of emotional healing, self- endearment, and self-discovery including our three signature messages of

  1. R E S T (Revive, Enjoy, Staying Focused & Trusting) and
  2. practicing forgiveness, which is the bridge to the soul. This one word, forgiveness, holds the secret which is the catalyst that leads to a more fulfilling and happier life. 
  3. Just Be and Do You, encourages you to trust that you were created exactly the way you were designed to be naturally.  When you entered this earth, you were marvelously made and uniquely created, designed specifically to be you and to evolve into a higher version of you.  Stop changing who you are for the people around you, let who you are draw the right people to you.

All aspects of the program are designed to energize and rejuvenate participants who are currently in treatment or survivors of all cancers and their loved ones.  There are networking opportunities, products, services and information that facilitate self-discovery. We support people in an amazing way to raise the bar of self- endearment and increase their spiritual awareness of the creative power within.

I am a “feel- good junkie” – I love the way I feel emotionally when I help others feel emotionally well.
— Alice Faye Hamilton