Just Being Me...

Life since the awareness of cancer in my body is not the same for me; and I have determined that its experience will turn on my switch to high (with the help of the Holy Spirit), as it relates to me walking in my spiritual gift.  It's my prayer that I will bless you as you read my life lessons and the spiritual messages that God place in my heart to share with you.  So get ready to learn and enjoy!


This blog is dedicated to being the Spiritual Me I was created to be; since I was  born with a unique spiritual gift for encouraging, listening, feeling and sensitivity for identifying the emotions of others and helpIng others to understand and manage their emotions and emotional reactions

Since the age of 5, I can recall accurately identifying the emotions of others and when they were happy, how "grand" it made her feel.   It’s my passionate desire to continually re-create that "grand" feeling in every-day-life for myself and others through powerful affirmations, inspirational words and the sharing of my life lessons.

I hope my lessons will soothe, inspire, and lead others to self-empowerment and personal transformation.


Alice Faye (aka Angel Al-Cal),