Blessed is the person who makes the Lord their trust...
— Psalm 40:4

Shortly after I woke up this morning, The Spirit of God came upon me, and out of the blue, I thought out loud, "I am going to TRUST God, and not man." And then a few seconds afterwards, I thought, " I am sick and tired of of the moments of my life that I dedicate to being frustrated, disappointed and feeling unappreciated."   In my early adult life, I thought this was regarding others treatment of/towards me.  However, this morning, after thinking such thoughts, The Spirit of God impressed upon me, reminding me that it wasn't other people actions, but it was me, my thoughts about me and my treatment of me alone.  No one else, just me alone.

The Spirt of God reminded me, the power to alter my love and appreciation for the joyous gift of life, that I had wrongly given to others, could be taken back, and given to the proper "Controller" which is, The God Within Me.  Oh  yes, I have the power, its mine unless I give it away. 

Upon hearing, remembering and feeling this great news, my heart was comforted, my emotions where strengthen, my joy, love and appreciation for life was renewed. And equally important, in those moments, I had an life altering thinking and emotional surgery of sorts. I made a full emotional recovery, I was know longer reacting as victim to the need for validation from others, in any format.  

I end this message today with the affirmation of:
"I am the gift." "You are the gift."  

I pray my lesson and communication with The Spirit of God will be a blessing to you.

Big Love and Bright Light,

Angel Al-Cal,