We start with a simple, truthful conversation and together, we develop a customized strategy based upon your specific needs...
— Alice Hamilton

As an Inspirational Emotional Fitness Strategic Life Coach (IEFSLC), I counsel and provide inspirational guidance and encouragement to my clients on matters having to do with their personal lives, professional careers, and traumatic cancer illness challenges surrounding their heart. I help them understand, manage and take control of their emotions and emotional expressions, so they can move on. I specialize in deep inner emotional self-discovery and self-expression. My allegiance is to my clients’ betterment.


My clients are people with deep hurts, pain, rejection and disappointments that are causing emotional dis-ease or discomfort in their personal lives or professional careers. They are individuals whose lives have been devastated by a cancer diagnosis for themselves or a family member. They are individuals seeking greater self-awareness and self-endearment through self-discovery.  In addition, my clients are people who have experienced a great deal of emotional stress in the work place environment. 

In addition, my unique specialty allows me the opportunity to serve people who desire to obtain, share and/or leave a digital copy of their legacy: who they are, their characteristics, important thoughts and opinions about life events and relationships, their likes and dislikes as a keepsake for their family and or friends for years to come.

Think how I can,
not why I can’t.
— Alice Faye Hamilton

I was born with a spiritual gift which allows me to specialize in helping individuals discover, interpret and heal deep inner emotional hurts. I believe our thinking is controlled by the questions we ask ourselve and the answers we give.  Therefore, when you are asked the right question, and they are answered with truth, it heals. This leads to greater self- discovery, enhanced self-awareness and heightened self-expression.  We specialize in developing and facilitating healing, customized personal questions based upon specific areas of emotional hurt and pain.


My Intention...

My intention is to raise the bar of self-endearment and encourage and inspire positive personal change through greater self-discovery and self-awareness of one's emotional expressions and personal spiritual self.

You Can Live Happy

I provide partnership wisdom and understanding to help those that seek words of self-expression perfect for them. I offer assistance on how to understand, to manage and take control of your emotions and emotional reactions to their life experiences, so they can move on.

Emotional Healing

 I help people. I encourage and counsel people on personal and professional matters. In addition, I specialize in deep inner emotional self-discovery and self-expression to help people understand and take control of their emotional reactions, so they can move on.