Helps you treat yourself with the importance you deserve

What should I know about an IEFSCLC?

IEFSCLC is an alliance between the coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power to you, the client. I believe you know, or have access to the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside. 

IEFLSC serves as a supportive voice of reason when you are in immediate need of encouragement, emotional support, and or management of your emotions with life’s problems such as relationship issues, abandonment issue, loss of job, anger issues, diagnosed with life-altering illnesses, or you feel emotionally out of control.  

IEFSCLC offers inspirational guidance and encouragement to you on how to understand and manage your emotions and emotional reactions so that you can move forward. The coaching process addresses specific emotionally fueled responses by examining what is going on right now, and making a connection to memories/decisions to discover the root cause of the undesired reaction so that you may heal it altogether, or successfully manage it.     

IEFSCLC encourages you to manage and ultimately heal your emotions by releasing and redefining past decisions/judgments by utilizing the gift of “Forgiveness and Replacement Thoughts Strategy.”

IEFSCLC supports you to get to the root of your emotional discomfort and confusion by asking you the right questions which will lead to the answers we seek— which is done when we connect with the memories where the negative-thought-form was created. 

 A negative-thought-form is a negative thought and belief created in your subconscious that has a strong emotionally connected meaning.  It shows up as a specific, consistent, repeated way of expressing a negative emotional reaction or physical action.  A negative-thought-form created by the act of making a deep, emotionally fueled decision or judgment about a person(s) with a lack of understanding or no real knowledge.
— Alice Faye Hamilton

Who can be helped by an IEFSCLC?   

Individuals that have decided they are ready for positive change and are exhausted by their current emotional reactions and behaviors that are controlling them.  One way of expressing readiness for personal behavior change is revealed when you are ready to speak the truth without rationalization.                                              

What type of people do you work with?

 They are individuals seeking greater self-awareness and self-endearment through self-discovery. Many of my clients are people with deep hurts, pain, rejection, and disappointments that are causing emotional dis-ease or discomfort in their personal lives or professional careers.

What makes your coaching unique from others?

I was born with a spiritual gift of empathy— which allows me to specialize in helping individuals discover, interpret and help heal their deep inner emotional hurt. I believe our thinking is controlled by the questions we ask ourselves and the answers we give.  Therefore, when individuals are asked the right question, and they are answered with the truth, it heals. This leads to greater self-discovery, enhanced self-awareness, and heightened self-expression.  

Note:   IEFSCLC, is very different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling.