Living Above Your Cancer Circumstances Retreat is exclusively designed for cancer patients, survivors and their family members and loved ones who care for them. The retreat mission is to encourage self-expression and awareness, to renew and reconnect with the spirit.  In addition, to assist survivors and their loved ones in rediscovering joy and hope in life, to offer tools for empowering them to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of cancer, and to provide nurturing support from other survivors dealing with similar life challenges. The Retreats offer small group discussions, education on general cancer-specific wellness, and an opportunity to visit with healthcare professionals to discuss treatment, including conventional and integrative approaches.

Depending on the day, my survival was minute-by-minute, hour by hour and day by day. It is my hope that this presentation will empower, provide clarity, and encourage those impacted by Cancer.
— Alice Faye Hamilton

In addition, as the keynote speaker and the founder of MKS, Alice Faye Hamilton will share her personal Ovarian Cancer Stage III experience, titled “The Pearls of Cancer, A Precious Thing; the Finest Example of Somethings”.  She is the former Chief Financial Officer for several multimillion-dollar nonprofits, and a cancer survivor.  It is her hope that her story will empower, provide clarity, and encourage those impacted by cancer.

All of MKS presentations offer various methods of emotional healing, self- endearment, and self-discovery including our three signature messages of

  1. R E S T (Revive, Enjoy, Staying Focused & Trusting) and
  2. practicing forgiveness, which is the bridge to the soul. This one word, forgiveness, holds the secret which is the catalyst that leads to a more fulfilling and happier life.
  3.  Just Be and Do You, encourages you to trust that you were created exactly the way you were designed to be naturally.  When you entered this earth, you were marvelously made and uniquely created, designed specifically to be you and to evolve into a higher version of you.  Stop changing who you are for the people around you, let who you are draw the right people to you.

There will be great food, guest speakers and more. All aspects of the program are designed to energize and rejuvenate participants who are currently in treatment or survivors of all cancers and their loved ones.  There are networking opportunities, products, services and information that facilitate self-discovery. We support people in an amazing way to raise the bar of self- endearment and increase their spiritual awareness of the creative power within.


One of the nurse asked me,
“Are you ready for chemo?”
I said, no, but I am available.
— Alice Faye Hamilton
Photo of Alice Faye receiving chemo treatment.

Photo of Alice Faye receiving chemo treatment.