This beautiful unique specialty service allow us the opportunity to take a professionally documented snapshot of your life story. This amazing life-altering process allows you to be the director, producer, writer and super-star of your own life’s story. We begin with an interview to determine what’s important you, the essence of  who you are, what you’ve learned along the way, what you value deeply, your hopes and dreams, your characteristics, your important thoughts and opinions about life events and relationships. In short, the hard-earned wisdom you’ve gathered over and throughout your lifetime.

We prepare the information you want to share and enjoy with your loved ones. We develop a customized inventory of personalized questions, document your responses and then present an amazing and enduring life story to your family and friends in a grouped audience of your choice. Just imagine how exciting it will be to fill in the blanks and respond to any intriguing questions.

We believe at MKS your life is worth far more than a 100 word obituary. When you capture and share your most important life stories, you give a gift to yourself, as well as to those you love and to those who love you. In addition, included with this service, you will receive a valuable digital copy to share now and for future generations to come.