The Journey to Becoming an
Inspirational Emotional FitnesS
Strategic Life Coach
Certified Professional Coach 

My first memory of guiding someone through a marriage issue was when I was in the 6th grade, and I told my neighbor how much her husband loved her, and that his behavior that concerned her was due to his fear of being hurt – because he loved her so much. Their marriage lasted until his death about 12 years later, and she had two children after our conversation. She then introduced me to her two sisters, and I provided them with marriage counsel as well.

For many years my family, friends, acquaintances and random strangers came to me for encouragement, personal and relationship advice. The topics ranged from urgent issues in their family and intimate relationships, jobs, friendships, spirituality, sexuality, depression, and self- sabotage.

Helping people to stop hurting emotionally lifts my inner spirit like nothing else, especially when my family, friends, and others trust me and share the hard “truths” of their personal choices, behaviors, and experiences.
— Alice Faye Hamilton

I lived my life for many years doing what I thought determined my success in corporate America, a non-profit mental health agency, and a national leading non-profit social agency as a “Powerful Straightforward Chief Financial Officer.”  However, when I wasn’t working on my financial responsibilities, I spent much time coaching the executive level staff on both professional and very personal issues.  When I was outside of the office, I spent a significant amount of time as a stimulating facilitator of emotional wellness and emotional healing workshop presentations.

I began writing at the age of 8 when I fell madly in love with Michael Jackson (yes, of the Jackson 5), and wrote a romance book about our (my imagined) relationship.  Many years later, I have evolved into an inspirational writer of a play, small books, affirmations, poems, aphorisms, songs and prayers under the name of Angel Al-Cal.  

I discovered there was a name for what I’d been doing since the age of five: Inspirational Emotional Fitness Strategic Life Coaching.
— Alice Faye Hamilton

I began traveling down the road to become a professional certified life coach after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014.  This led me on a path of very deep and intense self-discovery. That cancer experience turned my life upside down in both a very painful physical experience and in an amazingly transformative way of my being.  By learning to separate myself from the noise in my mind and environment, I was guided to a mountain-top experience of quiet introspection.  I was able to identify several areas in my life that needed immediate change. The most significant was to put my efforts and energy into things I loved both personally and professionally.

Several months after completing chemotherapy treatments, I followed the spiritually-directed guidance of my inner voice and enrolled in the Life Coach Training School by Anthony Robbins (Robbins-Madanes Training). I connected with the curriculum, strategies, and concepts in such an amazing “this is home” way; it was astonishing. I learned professional names and terms for knowledge that I already had within my soul. I experienced a deep, absolute understanding that I was on the direct path of my destiny and I was deep in the heart of living out my purpose.

I discovered there was a name for what I’d been doing since the age of five:  Inspirational Emotional Fitness Strategic Life Coaching.  Now through this work, I continue to express my highest version of love to others – by listening, identifying their feelings and being sensitive to their pain to encourage them and help them heal.

I have facilitated 200+ group meetings for over 10 years. I provide inspirational keynote speeches, retreats, support groups, workshop presentations, and two-hours up to full-day presentations to any audience.
— Alice Faye Hamilton