Consider this...

Many say they want a change in their life because they are too busy and feel out of control. With this in mind, I have four questions to ask you about your emotional health's future this year and beyond.

  1. Do you believe emotional wealth, health and fitness should be yours?

  2. Are you making focused time for you and the important people your life?

  3. if there was a process to enhance your emotional state of mind, bring balance back to your life and enhance your awareness of the love you have for yourself and others, and could improve your ability to attract love, rest, wealth, health, ? Would this interest you?

  4. And if you knew this process only took a few sessions of practice but would benefit you for the rest of your life, would you make the time for it?

If you said yes to all of these questions, you could benefit greatly from Inspirational Emotional Fitness Strategic Life Coaching or attending a My Kairos Season Mini Retreat.  I specialize in deep inner emotional self-discovery and self-expression.  My allegiance is to my clients’ betterment.

When you have attended a MKS Retreat

Transform yourself into a catalyst for positive change by inspiring others with your emotional success and abundance.

Suddenly find yourself living in an enhanced state of work-life balance, where you know exactly how much time and energy to invest in your job to make it successful, and when to clock out so your family, friends, and hobbies get the attention they deserve.

Out of the blue start feeling newfound passion and motivation to excel in your career, and jump on the opportunities surrounding you. Imagine waking up every morning extremely grateful with that tingly excited feeling to try out a fresh idea or explore a new opportunity.

Discover that your attitude toward life has transformed for the better. You’re no longer worried excessively about the things you can't change; you’re not held back by the “I don’t have enough” mentality, and you’re never afraid to spoil yourself and your loved ones.

Start experiencing gifted moments in your everyday life like never before, like finding surprise checks in the mail, meeting new friends or stumbling on a book that turns your life around.

Experience sudden rushes of creative ideas and even dreams that lead to more fulfilling life, like suddenly realizing a way to reach out to more loved one, finding a way to manage your time better and rest more, or discovering an opportunity that’s been under your nose all this time.