Now is the time, Father God,
I shout out loud, while in silence, thank you, Holy Spirit for loving me. I am most grateful for Your desire to be an active part of my everyday life. I invite you into my life, please guide me and show me your ways. Restore to me the unrestricted and innocent imagination of my inner child. I ask that as I begin this new journey of Life management both naturally and spiritually. Please renew my mind, change my thinking so that I make positive healthy choices that serve my highest good. Please help me to think differently; and change my thinking to be a reflection of your thoughts. Place a knowing in me that my body is a temple of goodness and more importantly it’s where you live. Help me to stop hurting myself by abusing my body with food, lack of exercise, the words I speak and the negative thoughts that dwell within my mind. Help me to continually raise the bar of self-love and self-endearment for myself. I now release old beliefs, thoughts, habits, things and people that have held me back from being my best.
— Angel Al-cal