What is a Skinny Healthy Eater (SHE)?

A Skinny Healthy Eater is a person that eats only when hungry, and stops when they are full, they do not over eat; it’s just not an option, because a SHE knows that isn’t a healthy choice.

They eat what they want without food choice restrictions; spiritually, you may say they are no longer under the law, can’s and can not’s do not apply.  

Equally important to know, a SHE is a person that loves themselves unconditionally and one way of expressing that abundant love is by respecting their body.  

A SHE routinely makes positive healthy choices about food, exercise and the thoughts that dwell within their mind, more often than not.  Simply stated, a SHE maintains an eating and life style of moderation, self-control and change, they are in partnership with the Holy Spirit; a SHE knows they are never alone on this journey.  

Let’s get it straight right from the top, this is not a diet; this is a “living a good-life” style plan.

The Skinny Healthy Eater (SHE) Weight Management Plan is an eating lifestyle that was inspired by and may only be accomplished through the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit (the God within you).

This plan presents an opportunity for you to begin an innovative process of positive change in your weight management through connecting with your higher spiritual self.

You may ask “what make this plan different than the other weight management plans?”  
The difference is the Holy Spirit and or your Higher Spiritual-self becomes your very personal friend, daily helper, guide and trainer.  

In addition, you lose weight, gain a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and raise the bar of self-love, self-respect and self-appreciation. Wow!

The SHE Weight Management Plan consists of customized daily affirmations, quotes, prayers, spiritual truths concerning weight management and two meal plans.  

The Monday-Friday plan has some food restrictions; while it assists you with your desired weight loss. In addition, it sets the stage for your new journey of moderation, control and change.

The Weekend Plan has no food restrictions; while it prepares your mind and body for your new long-term SHE life style change. 


Mental Wellness /  Emotional Eating:

When what's eating you makes you overeat:
Do you sometimes come home from a hard day at work and head straight for the ice cream? Have you ever been bored and found yourself snacking on potato chips without even thinking about it until the bag was empty? There are many reasons besides hunger that we eat. When those reasons involve stress, sadness, boredom, conflicts or fatigue, it's called emotional eating.

Emotional eating can wreck a healthy diet or a weight-loss plan. An article from the University of Maryland that's quoted on WebMD states that as much as 75% of overeating is caused by emotions. It's such a problem that researchers at the Temple University Center for Obesity Research are trying to figure out the answer as part of a weight-loss study being funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Your emotions can become so tied to your eating habits that, without even thinking about it, you may reach for a sweet treat when you're sad, angry or stressed. Or, you may use food to take your mind off a problem. That can start an unhealthy cycle in which your feelings trigger you to overeat, you feel bad about it, and feeling bad causes you to overeat again.

The good news is that you can take control of emotional eating. And here are seven tips that can help.

  • Keep a food diary - By writing down what you eat, how much you eat and what your feelings are at the time, you'll begin to see patterns that can help you see what triggers you to eat for emotional reasons.
  • Ask yourself if you're really hungry - When you're tempted to eat between meals or to keep eating after a meal is over, take the time to think about whether or not you are physically hungry. If you're not, do something else until the craving passes.
  • Don't leave leftovers sitting around - If you are often tempted to keep snacking or to go back for seconds even after you're full, wrap up the leftovers and put them away before you sit down to eat in the first place.
  • Take away temptation - Don't keep comfort foods in your home if they're too hard to resist. And if you feel angry or blue, put off that trip to the grocery until you have your feelings in check.
  • Pay attention to your food - When you do eat, don't wolf your food down. Eat slowly. It takes your brain about 15 minutes to get the message that your stomach is full. Sit at the table and enjoy it rather than eating out of the refrigerator or while watching TV. You're more likely to notice when you're full if you're not thinking about something else.
  • Get enough sleep - According to nutrition experts at the Mayo Clinic, if you're always tired, you might snack to try to give yourself an energy boost. Take a nap or go to bed earlier instead.If these tips don't give you the help you need, think aAdd Blockbout getting therapy. It can help you understand the reasons behind your emotional eating and offer you new skills to deal with it. Therapy can also help you learn whether you may have an eating disorder, which is sometimes connected to emotional eating.
  • To learn more about how to control emotional eating, contact your healthcare provider.


What is the goal of a Skinny Healthy Eater?

1.      To raise the bar of self-love and spiritual awareness of the creative power within.

2.      To let go of your old ineffective negative ways of thinking concerning your body, eating, exercise and
           the thoughts you allow to dwell in your mind. 

3.      Adopt a new way of thinking that allows the Holy Spirit to be your constant friend, guide and partner in
          every area of your life, including your weight, health and life management. 

4.      Visualization of your smaller size is permanent image in your mind and reality; you know longer think,
          see, or imagine yourself any other way. 

5.      To adopt the weekend eating style (plan) as your ultimate personal everyday way and as part of you
          long-term weight management plan. The good news is, you decide (by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide
           your inner self) when it’s time to adopt the weekend eating plan which will become your ultimate and
          daily choice for weight management.