Welcome Holy Spirt, I invite Your presence into my daily life. 
I surrender to God’s desire and purpose for my daily life. Make it clear, and place within me the daily power and desire to choose it, receive it, and then live it with love and without pain. Help me to forgive myself, and others in the same loving manner in which you forgive. Please help me effectively manage my every words, thoughts and actions. Open my eyes and reveal truth to me, because I know it’s the truth that sets me free. Father God, reveal to me or introduce to me, the exact me to be; and then place within me an excitement to express and adore me. Ah, yes I boldly shout out “come forth real me now” - the perfect me made in my Creator’s image! Everything of You I receive; that which is not of You, I reject, in Jesus name I pray and worship. Thanks for my already answered prayer. Amen.
— Angel Al-cal