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This unique coffee-table size book serves as a guidepost for greater personal development, healing, and spiritual growth. It’s an intimate memoir of my cancer journey, a daily devotional, a self-help, a wise advice book, and full of thought-provoking pages, most of which are suitable for framing. If you have a strong desire for higher spiritual knowledge, find inspiration in proverbs and affirmations, enjoy sitting with elders so you can learn from their wisdom, or get goosebumps when you hear words that resonate with your soul— then this book is definitely a wise investment for the maintenance of good emotional health.


When:   Sunday, 
May 12, 2019

Where: Studio 204
204 South Tyler St.
Dallas, TX 75208

Phone: (214) 769-6774

Time: 1:00pm - 3:30pm 

  • Meet new local author and book signing of Cancer And Angel Al-cal's Widom, Random Heavenly Rantings. Alice Faye Hamilton, aka, Al-cal.

  • Celebrate Mothers and Cancer Survivors

  • Encourage Those Impacted By Cancer

  • Open Forum — Express Yourself

Join us for this unique celebration and book signing event, it will be a fun afternoon of light refreshments, fun, open forum, encouragement, inspiration, and a celebration of mothers, and cancer survivors. Please feel free to share with a friend.

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A hope this song encourage your spirit and put a pep in your step— enjoy!