The signature topics offered were inspired and created by my personal cancer story and life experiences of extreme pain, sadness and joy.
— Alice Faye Hamilton
I have facilitated 200+ group meetings over a total of 10+ years. I provide inspirational keynote speeches, retreats, support groups, workshop presentations, and two-hours up to full-day presentations to any audience.
— Alice Faye Hamilton
  • * The New Normal (Coming Soon)
  • Are You Addicted to Unhappiness
  • Awaking The Spirit of I'm Daddy's Little Girl Through Forgiving Daddy's Fault
  • Celebrate & Give the Gift of Your Living Legacy
  • Define What You Want & Who You Are in A Relationship
  • Emotional Healing
  • Everyday Happy: Living A Spiritual Retreat Lifestyle Everyday
  • Got A Partner? Becoming A Romantic Relationship Magnet
  • * Just Be & Do You
  • Living Above Your Cancer Circumstances
  • * Living With Enthusiasm By Becoming a “Feel Good Junkie”
  • Letting Go of The Spooks That Hold You Back In Life
  • Honoring The Mother Spirit Within Each of Us
  • * Practicing Forgiveness
  • Practicing Intentional Living
  • Practicing Letting Go
  • Practicing Thanks
  • Practicing Silence
  • Practicing Awareness
  • Practicing Rest
  • Practicing Self-Endearment
  • R E S T (Revive, Enjoy, Staying Focused & Trusting)
  • Shut Up! Be Still & Listen, I have Something to Say!
  • The Six Human Needs


Our signature topics are available for both individual and retreat group sessions.
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