Practicing Forgiveness Spiritual Retreats


The Practicing Forgiveness Retreat is a series one 6-hour retreat or two 3-hour retreat workshopsdesigned to TONE your emotions, STRENGTHEN control of your emotional reactions and LOSE negative patterns that have routinely allowed chaos and distraction into your life and that no longer serve your highest good.

The retreat presentations offer a way of living your life that will teach you to significantly reduce personal rush, fuss, and stress from your daily life.  It begins with re-introducing you to yourself, the important- you, followed by simple and satisfying steps for proper maintenance of the “total you”.  These retreats provide attendees a safe haven to voice deep-rooted fears and painful emotional hurts within a supportive, healing atmosphere.  We provide tools that help our attendees understand and take control of their emotions and emotional reactions so they can move forward.

Our presentations offer various methods of emotional healing, self-endearment, self-discovery including our signature message of self-forgiveness, which is the bridge to the soul. This one word, forgiveness, holds the secret which is the catalyst that leads to a more fulfilling and happier life. You will also learn how to crack and lose the sneaky, but yet bold killers of distraction, procrastination, busyness and unclear intentions. There are networking opportunities, products, services and information that facilitate self-discovery. We support people in an amazing way to raise the bar of self- endearment and increase their spiritual awareness of the creative power within.

A retreat is a time to step out of the busy-ness of daily life and into the sanctuary of our hearts. This is a time to find our own inner steps to inner healing, peace and quiet. It’s a time to to connect with ourselves and others of like mind. It’s your kairos season time.

— Alice Faye Hamilton