A Few Words From a Few Event Attendees




My Kairos Season is a special retreat and a unique network for anyone looking to build a stronger spiritual relationship.  Our daily issues and routines distract us from our personal relationship with God.  My Kairos Season provides spiritual guidance that helps us to put God first and creates a network of powerful, prayerful, people.  I am fortunate, thankful and grateful to be a part of My Kairos Season.               -DaphneHorbuckle, Business Owner of Diamond Technology Group-


“Your surroundings silently influence you,
so fill your life and work with positive people.”
— Alice Faye Hamilton

While there is an important spiritual element to this program, I appreciate that it is focused on your personal spirituality.  We should remember that not everyone is on the same spiritual page."    -Anne Leary-

I have told many people about My Kairos Season, they offer an amazing service that's needed by many.  My mom (Alice Faye Hamilton) has been helping people all of my life, this is what she enjoys. -Kejuan Knox-





I think it was one of the most positive things I have ever engaged in. It was refreshing, powerful, spiritual, informative and encouraging. I left a new person with a new and different outlook on life".  -Anita Hill, Professional Hair Stylist-




There was a popular album released in 2004 entitled "Get Lifted". The chorus on one of the very popular song goes as such, "We're just ordinary people..." Sorry Mr. Legend, but you are inaccurate. We are all EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE and nothing makes this clearer than celebrating it with an MKS event. We forged a bond of true kinship with some old friends and new acquaintances. By celebrating our past test, as well as God's gift of the present, we were all able to walk away secure that our future had somehow been redefined. It may have only been a couple of hours but for that time we actually experienced what communing is suppose to be; truly authentic fellowship.
-Candice & M.L. Gladney, Jr., Former United States  Navy Petty Officer-

I loved My Kairos Season! It not everyday that I am surrounded by positive people. It was very enlightening and I gained a lot of spiritual knowledge.  
-Danan Tasby-




I really enjoyed being around so many positive and encouraging people.  It was comforting to hear that other people share similar experiences as myself and overcame them. I look forward to meeting with everyone again. What you are doing is great and a blessing.  I wish blessings to rain down on you for all the good that you do and will do. -Nakita Knox-

I really enjoyed My Kairos Season experience; it was very positive.  Also, it was great to see the men there. -Kay Walker-


If someone asked me to describe the event in one sentence my reply would be extraordinary; I walked out a different person and I receive "My Kairos Season". If I had to rate it the, the mark would be "Over Exceeds" in the presentation, the products as well as the concept. The focus group focused on each individual and not the products which were great. -Tamara Vaughn-