You are a perfect unique you, and this very exclusive mini retreat of 8 or less individuals will change the way you express, perceive, act, feel and think about your life. Simply stated, you will discover the small steps to create great change. You will remember how to validate, honor and value you.
— Alice Faye Hamilton

Mini Retreat

When:     Sunday,
16, 2018

10am - 3:pm

Private Location

Phone: (214) 769-6774

Cost: $70
(Sliding Scale Options Available)







The "Just Be & Do You mini retreat designed for those who wish to experience a uniquely beautiful, progressive journey of self-discovery.  

The workshop session will help identify and focus on positive traits and validate, uplift and encourage you to do the things you were created to do. We will focus on your likes and what you enjoy. You will be inspired to express your truth and your uniqueness, as you are marvelously made, just as you are. You will be guided to discover the hidden parts yourself. You will be encouraged to embrace, welcome and celebrate those once hidden parts of you in order to return back home to your genuine self.

With it you will ignite your purpose, power and creativity into true self-expression, and explore new ways to lead an emotionally healthier, more fulfilled and happier life. If you desire to live your life from a deep inner and genuine expression of yourself in your everyday life, this workshop session is for you.


       Embracing your true-self

       Embracing your sexuality

       Practicing forgiveness

       Finding your spark

       Embracing where you are

       R E S T (Revive, Enjoy, Staying
       Focused & Trusting)

∑     How to become a "feel good

       And much more...

Additionally, you will receive unique methods and tips on how to create more enthusiasm and empowering questions to enhance your self-discovery.

Bonus Topic: You will learn how to become a “Feel Good Junkie” by becoming committed and dedicated to feeling good..


ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Alice Faye Hamilton, entrepreneur, an Ovarian Cancer Stage 3 Survivor and the owner of My Kairos Season, Inspirational Emotional Fitness Strategic Certified Life Coach, Retreat Facilitator, Inspirational Writer, Emotional & Mental Health Advocate and, above all, an Encourager. She calls herself a messenger, an African American nappy-headed little girl Earth Angel spreading good news.